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Icc-T Uluslararasi Ortak Bilinç Ajans A.Ş
class"ecxmsonormal" "background: white margın: 0in 0in 16.2pt" we are proud to be ranked as the number one result for a search made with the name of the sector, health tourism, in all search engines on the ınternet.
we feel this rightful pride for we are the first center that has taught and introduced to the world the “health tourism” concept and served as a model and leader in this field since 1993.
because, our principle is “health for everyone, best services for everyone and love for everyone”.
because, “health tourism is built upon trust”.
our center that is given reference by most reliable patients from all around the world and has the highest ratings in search engines is the only center that receives highest number of patient applications from every corner of the world and that strengthens its services with love.
the secret of the success of our company that aims for even higher targets is the love and respect it shows to all human beings.
and those who have set their heart on this would achieve success and a high number of patient acceptances only if they adopt this policy. education is a must in health tourism, just as in all other fields.
having caused creation of the health tourism concept, new fields of profession and new employment opportunities in this sector, our company attaches great importance to education and training for the benefit of the human kind.
we will research the most successful health centers and doctors that will serve the health tourism from all around the world and add them to our system.
we will forward patients and relatives requesting treatment through www.healthtourism.com.tr and www.doctorsmarketingservice.com from all around the world to these reliable and successful health centers.
therefore, we are expecting health centers and doctors that will comply with our business principles kneaded with our moral principles and love for human beings, and that have high success and operation rates, to introduce themselves to us. patient stories are important for us.
dear patients, their relatives, those who newly enter the health tourism sector, and investors, the following information will provide you with guidance.
health tourism: how is it done? training
objectives and targets
business ıdea
product buyer user audience services

patient demands on country basis
patient demands 2008 2009 annual report
patient demands 2008 6 monthly report
patient demands 2009 6 monthly report
best regards,
mrs.gül soydan
world health tourism health tourism turkey coordinator



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